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Stress Relief/Stress Management for Professionals in Helping and Care Fiedls
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Stress is a major issue for those in the helping professions.

Professionals in helping and care careers know the devastating effects of stress; on themselves and their clients. This training is designed to help health care professionals learn effective stress relief approaches, and apply these techniques in their work. Participants will also learn simple stress reduction tools they can teach to their clients, to help them with stress reduction in their lives.


What’s included in the training package

Core Training:

Powerful Training Add On:

Also included:

Research information from neuroscience on stress — and how this impacts stress relief.

This stress management training can be customized to address the unique stress situations of your professional workplace.

stress health professional needs to practice stress techniques for stress management.

What Women Are Saying
This training is for professionals who work in helping and care fields, including:
  • Counselors, Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals
  • Nurses
  • Physicians and Physicians' Assistants
  • Therapeutic Assistants, Nurses’ Aides and Support Staff
  • Massage Therapists
  • Teachers

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