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The Problem The Cost of Stress is high

Stress on the job is really bad news. You already know it feels lousy and that it can disrupt job enjoyment and performance. It gets worse.

Stress at work can kill. Of 10,000 British workers tracked in a study on stress, those who reported high levels of stress had a 68% higher risk of developing heart conditions, than those who reported less stress.
European Heart Journal

Up to 90% of all doctor visits involve stress related complaints.

Job stress is rising and can translate into a negative impact on a company's bottom line, including:

  • Down time due to employee illnesses, burn out, conflict, lowered morale.

  • Decreases in employee effectiveness and productivity.

  • Increased health care costs.

USA Today

Chronic stress, though not always fatal, can disrupt the digestive system, worsen symptoms of menopause and interfere with fertility.

Office Stress

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The Solution - Workplace Training

Smiling Worker work practices stress reliefMounting evidence suggest that any number of soothing emotional experiences can improve our physical health... We now believe that the body produces more nitric oxide when deeply relaxed, and that this molecule acts as an antidote to cortisol and other potentially toxic stress hormones.

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