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Annie Kirschenmann
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Annie Kirschenmann has been a student of stress most of her life! A dancer since a toddler, she learned early the impact of stress on the body. As an adult, while earning her Master of Science degree in Dance/Movement Therapy in New York City, and experiencing the most intense stress of her life, she sought many different solutions. These included massage, shiatsu and other forms of bodywork, psychotherapy, herbal and aromatherapy, exercise, excellent food choices and more. All of these helped relieve her stress and some are still a part of her StressEase plan today.

During this period, Annie also became fascinated by the therapeutic effects of laughter and its power as a stress reliever. She wrote her master’s thesis on the “Beneficial Aspects of Laughter and Smiling”. This research paper won the annual division award at Hunter College (NYC) for the Best Thesis.

Through this process, she began to notice that when stress relief really counts is in the moment of experiencing stress -- the moment that it occurs. This began her exploration of simple, portable, practical stress relief solutions that work anywhere, any time and in real life. This research and development has been ongoing for over 20 years and she uses these techniques her in own life every day.

In 2005, Annie established Simple Stress Solutions™, as a division of A.K. A Coach and Company. The entire focus of Simple Stress Solutions™ is stress relief through the practical application of simple actions one can practice every day, in a wide variety of life situations.

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