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Simple Relaxation CD This stress management CD was mastered with professional relaxation techniques for your stress relief. Solutions to workplace stress that really work in your world Less stress equals healthy business
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We can help you develop a corporate wellness program.

The cost of stress is high. It can adversely affect health, job performance, productivity, relationships, well being and the bottom line.

This negative impact includes employee down time due to illness and lowered morale; decrease in effectiveness and increased health care costs.

Our stress reliever programs can help your business to be more stress free.

Stress in today's world can affect the wellness of any business!
In a 2004 edition of Newsweek, medical experts reported that up to 90% of all doctor visits involve stress related complaints.
If your company is like many today, you take stress very seriously. We know you have to, because of the growing negative impact on your talent and your bottom line.
We Can Help.
Contact us today about increasing wellness in your workplace.

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Coping with stress to become more stress free

“Thank you for the great stress training and a variety of tools for our staff to use in managing stress on the job.”

Christina Dockter

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